Never Alone

Never alone

By Erin | Breast Cancer Warrior 2021

No one ever wants to be sitting in a doctor’s office and hear them say the words cancer, but it happens, and it did to me. I was alone and laying on an exam table when the radiologist gave me the news. I thought I was prepared, as I had a feeling that was what was happening, but nothing really prepares you for those words.

After my appointment I knew I needed to share the news with my family and close friends. It took me a couple days to confide in them. I needed to process the diagnosis, do some research, prepare my children. Life quickly became very overwhelming, and I had no idea how I was going to get through it.

People said all the things you would expect, “I’m sorry”, “You’re so young”, “You’re so strong”, “I’m here for you”. I’m not always strong and I needed to know it was ok to have days that I wasn’t strong. But it was the last one that really means the most when you’re thrown into this medical trauma. Unfortunately, for many it was just words. I probably needed to be better about telling people what I needed but it was exhausting trying to be what everyone else needed when I was in need. I have learned through people who have walked the same path that many of those people just don’t know what to do or say. For me, I didn’t necessarily need words, just sitting with me or going to lunch was what I needed. A distraction from being “sick”, just hanging out so I didn’t have to feel alone in that moment because you do feel so alone when you’re going through this.

I found Pink Sistas and guess what, I am not alone! We know one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer and I was fortunate enough to meet fellow warriors and survivors. My emotions and craziness were validated. If anyone’s family or friends are reading this, please don’t be afraid. Bring a meal even if not asked for, take your loved one for a pedicure or out to lunch or throw on sweats and sit and watch a movie and cry together. For some of us, asking for help is so hard, so just do it don’t wait for us.


Breast Cancer Warrior 2021

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