Pink in the Gorge Waves of Pink 2020 Fundraiser

URGENT NEWS: Coronavirus & Our Event CANCELLED

With one event after another being ‘cancelled’ or ‘rescheduled’, Pink Sistas biggest event & Fundraiser of the year, must be looked at in terms of timing.  No one is immune to the virus and we all have an obligation to act in the best interests of all the people in our area.  The news says an escalation is likely to increase.  With all that said, we will send out a notice 5 days before our Event letting you know whether we will move forward or set a new event date.

Click below on the video showing you how to use soap in the best way you can be safe:

Washing Your Hands in today’s environment 


Tickets are on sale for $40 per person! CANCELLED

Waves of Pink 2020 Pink the Gorge Fundraiser Poster