How You Can Help

How you can help

Your donations will allow us to continue our mission by providing important resources and no cost retreats, offer education and knowledge, and increase Breast Cancer awareness in our community.

100% of your donation directly supports our programs and operations. All of our member are volunteers so you can be sure your donation is going to the cause and not in our pockets.

Pink Sistas retreats are designed per location with our intention to quiet the storm within, restore confidence, and empower breast cancer survivors.

Every persons journey is unique.  Happily providing retreats at no cost,  assist in building social bonds, personally connecting you with resources, and sharing your story are vital to recovery.

As the only organization positioned in the Columbia River Gorge, in both Washington and Oregon, we dedicate ourselves to honor, support, and help those affected by breast cancer.  We could not do what we do for this cause without your donations and continued support.  We thank you in advance on behalf of the patients, survivors, and their families for your investment. Your donations will allow us to continue our mission by providing important resources, new venues for our retreats, offer education and knowledge, and increase breast cancer awareness in our community.


You can make a donation by mailing a check to:

Pink Sistas, Inc.

PO BOX 2035

Fairview, OR 97024

We also have a Venmo account set up and all Venmo donations go towards retreat scholarships.


While Fred Meyer stores change with the times, one thin stays the same – our commitment to customers. By following Mr.Meyer’s idea for serving customers,  thousands of associates have helped build a business that continues to thrive.

Fred Meyer has become Pink Sistas major sponsor over the last few years. We are so thankful for their continued support and sponsorship. This year the have donated the creative vision and design of Mikhail Oparin as well as the print production of our 2021 calendar. Thank you Fred Meyer for all you do! Please do Pink Sistas a favor and show Fred Meyer your thank by patronizing their stores.

Community Rewards


Force for Good Properties

* Selling or Buying:  Pink Sistas Inc, will receive a $300.00 charity donation from Robin through each of her transactions with Clients


* Be A volunteer at one of our many events or help part time