Community Rewards with Fred Meyer


Community rewards with Fred Meyer is an easy way to help Pink Sistas. It is free and takes very little time to setup.

Here are step by step instructions, or you can visit your local Fred Meyer customer service desk to have them help you setup your community rewards!

How to setup your community rewards:

  1. Login to your Fred Meyer account online (if you do  not have a Fred Meyer account you can set one up now and then follow these steps):fredmeyer1
  2. Once you are logged into your account hover over Rewards and select Fred Meyer community rewards:fredmeyer2
  3. You will then be taken to the main screen where you can chose to “Re-enroll or link your rewards card now” select this and move on to the next step:fredmeyer3
  4. Type in “Pink Sistas”  in the search box and hit search or press enter:fredmeyer4
  5. Select the “Pink Sistas” option and select Enroll:fredmeyer5
  6. YAY!! You have now enrolled yourself in community rewards which helps Pink Sistas put on amazing rejuvenation and healing retreats! Thank you. fredmeyer6