Carol Gist – Retreat Guest

Carol Jist

Originally from Portland but now living in Vancouver, Carol is a mom, wife and absolute fighter. She now works for Fred Meyer, Pink Sistas favorite store, and holds a bachelors degree in Communication Management. She enjoys all home maintenance except to paint, cooking and just watching Netflix. If you ever need help fixing up an appliance in your home you should definitely give Carol a call! However, given the opportunity she would be hanging out with her family on a tropical island or really just traveling anywhere in the world. We are so excited to tell you a little bit more about this amazing women!!

Okay silly question time before the tough stuff…What is your biggest pet peeve?

Adults acting like children.

What would be your last meal on earth?

My last meal would be a baguette and butter from France, an espresso and a gallon of real gelato from Italy, a gyros from Greece, beer from Germany and a Mozart Kugel (chocolate candy) from Austria. All while wearing a Dirndl (traditional dress) from Austria.

Who is your ideal dinner guest?

Michele Obama

Who did you tell first about your diagnosis? 

My husband

What has been the most surprising thing about your diagnosis or experience? 

The most surprising thing is how long I have survived and how strong I really am.

What did you know about yourself that was confirmed by this diagnosis? 

I knew I wouldn’t give up without a fight. the fight has lasted longer than I expected and while discouraging at times I’m still here fighting.

What have you learned about yourself? 

To trust my instincts.

What is best thing someone has said or done for you during cancer? 

Countless people have done extraordinary things for me but the ones I remember most are perhaps the awkward moments that come when people say something interesting and it makes for the best stories and jokes.

What’s the one thing you would tell a newly diagnosed women? Why?  

I would tell a newly diagnosed person, don’t ask why this happened to you, perhaps why not is the best question. Why means it should have happened to someone else, “why not” helps you reflect just on yourself.

What is the silver lining from your experience?  

Strength and purpose

Okay last question…which actress would you cast to play you in the movie of your life?

Me…I would like to play myself in the movie of my life

Thank you Carol for being a part of our Pink Sistas Tribe! We love you.