Retreat Volunteers and Donations

If you would like to donate your time and services during one of our THRIVER retreats please email: or go to our contact us page and fill out the form there.

These amazing women and men donate their time and services to help make our retreats special. Pink Sistas Retreats wouldn’t be what they are today without their help so we ask you to please show them some love!

  • Fred Meyer – SWAG Bags
  • Westin Kia – Party Barge Boat
  • Deanna Huntly – Yoga / Paddle Boarding
  • Ron Christian
  • Karen Rhein ~ Jewelry
  • Renne Trussell – Kayaking
  • Rebecka Harry – Paddle Boards
  • Ben Wood Photography
  • Louis Hamilton, Denise Olson, Dan Spearing, and Jack Whitamore – Boat Rides
  • Vickie Valdez – Jewelry Making
  • 100% Pure – Vancouver Mall
  • The Winner Family – Government Camp House
  • Teresa Sewel – Von Cook (Creator for Healthy Cooking Videos)

And of course the entire Big Eddy Community!!