“We all took the same path up those stairs.
Most of us apprehensive.
What awaits?
The reality is anytime you bring strangers together it is a bit intimidating…
What does this weekend even look like?…
None of us knew and what unfolded was purely organic….
You cannot script this journey….
It must be felt and experienced to be appreciated…
This weekend represented putting down my warrior armor and allowing me to be vulnerable.
To be with women who understand…
It has truly been an honor to be part of this amazing experience. One that will continue to grow.
Deb has given us a much bigger gift than this incredible weekend. …She has given us a shared bond…
I will be forever grateful I took this steps up those stairs and met all you beautiful, strong, kind, inspiring women!”

“After this weekend, I feel relaxed, refreshed and full of renewed determination to be a strong survivor. The other girls had great suggestions for easing symptoms my research had not found; I’m excited to go home and try these ideas out. I’ve made new friends this weekend and had a ton of fun. Had great conversations that you can only have with other survivors.”

“This weekend was amazing, peaceful, joyful, exciting, relaxing and healing.”

“I’ve met the most wonderful group of women this weekend. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world. It has enriched my life. The homey feeling we created with the group and Deb was phenomenal.”

“A great experience, I am so happy I was able to attend!  We had fun, stayed in a beautiful floating and had great food!  Thank you Deb!”

“Thanks for all you do! I attended the Aug.2018 retreat. It changed my life. I have never slowed down long enough to deal with cancer. I tried to be strong for everyone else in my family, but didn’t really “feel” what beating cancer had given me, many gifts. Your retreat was one of them. Again, thank you.”

Testimonies from our first Pink Sistas Glamping Retreat Weekend:

“The Pink Sistas Retreat was simply the best. Deb is an amazing hostess. She thought of every detail and treated us with love and grace. We were so blessed to have been invited for this beautiful and amazing camp out. Thank you for the special weekend.”

“This was a fabulous weekend. I was at Pine Hollow and this was a totally different experience. The “get away” was perfect timing for me! What a wonderful person you are Deb and I appreciate you so much. Food was awesome, water time was wonderful and glamping across the river was spectacular! Thank you so much!!”

“Where to start? First time on a stand up board! So many fun things to do all packed into a fabulous 30 hours. Deb’s positive energy put us all in a perfect place!”



Pink Retreat Testimonials